Wednesday, July 27, 2005

RoR? Wow!

Someone at work showed me Ruby on Rails, RoR, the other day. Initially I wasn't all that impressed, sure it was sort of cool but RoR hardly seemed revolutionary.


I just had a chance to watch the various demo movies in detail and I'm amazed. RoR is going to change the world. I've programmed in Perl, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Delphi, VB, PHP, Java, JSP, Modula2, Ada, Scheme, Lisp, Prolog, Postcript and probably others that I don't even recall, however, RoR is nothing but amazing. Using RoR I would be able to reduce my Web application development time by 90 percent.

Have you discovered RoR yet?

Here's the definitive book at Amazon:


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