Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Excercise Lack of Progress

Well, I haven't been exercising, however, I did discover that the office at work does have showering and changing facilities. I've been searching for them for 7 years and finally someone asked the custodian if the rumor was true. Indeed the fabled locker room does exist, so now I have no excuse not to cycle the 8 miles into work.

I also decided that I need to formalise my exercise goals and chart my progress, so I'm going to start another blog for the progress part. As far as the goals go here they are:

1) Be able to perform 100 pushups consecutively at a 1 per second cadence.
Why? Because this is a goal which I have half heartedly strived for for years and to accomplish it would bring me great pride in myself
When? December 13th 2005

2) Bring my resting heart rate down to 50 bpm.
Why? Because I am not happy with my reduced level of fitness as I become more sedantry and how it will effect my ability to provide for my family during the years to come
When? July 13th 2006

The exercise plan will resemble the body for life exercise plan with alternating aerobic and weight training days. I will also add additional VO2 max and Lactate Threshold extension training at least one day per week. I will perform the exercise routine in the morning before work. I will adjust my diet to include more calories, in 40 30 30 ratios, and I'll also include a daily multi-vitamin.


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