Monday, July 11, 2005

xBox dies

Well, I tried to turn the xBox on last Saturday and silence. Nothing happened. So much for going ahead with the plan to instal Linux on it and use it as a MythTV diskless workstation. After taking the machine to pieces and meticulously testing various components with the volt meter I established that it was well and truely messed up so I ordered a new power supply. I'm quite glad that I found someone selling power supplies since the alternative would have been to buy another xBox.

On the learning Spanish front I'm still trying to finish watching the "Shogun" DVDs, since my plan is to read both the Spanish and English copies of "Shogun" in parallel and Ellen thought that it would be nice for me to be able to become familiar with the story in advance as it's going to take me several years to get through the book at the rate which I'm going. Who knows, by the end of it I may know Spanish and Japanese. I hadn't considered that possibility!


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