Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BitTorrent TV - it's coming soon

Coming soon? It's already here. albeit on a low scale. One of the reasons why I decided to pay for extended basic cable TV is the TechTV channel. Since computers are one of my hobbies, as well as being my job, I found TechTV to be very interesting and entertaining. Some time ago G4 merged with TechTV and it went south, fast. G4, as it's now known, became simply a channel about computer games. Not that there's anything wrong with that, however, it's of no interest to me or any of my friends who used to watch TechTV.

Leo and Patrick formed their own pod casting site called The World In Tech, TWIT, and recently Kevin Rose went out on his own with a BitTorrent TV show called Systm available at:


It looks like my prediction of BitTorrent TV is coming true. I need to get moving and put some of my own content out there. I have been trying to imagine the ultimate high value, and low cost, subject matter and I think I have it now; children's storytelling.

I used to make up bedtime stories for my younger brother and sister. They used to think that the stories were great and it took hardly any effort on my part to think up a ten minute story on the fly. I'd even let them choose the characters along the way. This would be perfect for a BitTorrent TV show; it's short duration, little to no advanced preperation, no budget required for production. In short, it's perfect.


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